Retirement Plan Advisor Search Protocol

Retirement Plan Advisor Search Protocol

This page provides resources to help retirement plan sponsors, endowments, and foundations conduct an investment advisor search.

Template advisor search RFP documents for

  • Endowments and Foundations
  • Institutions of higher education
  • All other plan sponsors (standard)
  • All other plan sponsors (simplified)

Retirement plan advisor search protocol outlining the process for conducting a retirement plan advisor search

Retirement plan advisor RFP response rating tool and Instructions


rfp 4up

Template Advisor Search RFP

rfp 1up

Search Protocol

rfp 2up

Rating Tool


About the Retirement Advisor Council

The Council advocates for successful qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes through the collaborative efforts of experienced, qualified retirement plan advisors, investment firms and asset managers, and defined contribution plan service providers. The Council accomplishes this mission by its focus on:

  • Identification of duties, responsibilities and attributes of the professional retirement plan advisor.
  • Sharing our professional standards with plan sponsors who are responsible for the success of their plans.
  • Providing collective thought capital to decision makers, product providers, legislators and the public.
  • Giving voice to the retirement plan advisor community.
  • Tools to evaluate advisors, ensuring the quality of services needed for successful retirement outcomes.

The Council is governed by an Advisory Board of five representing advisors, retirement practice leaders, service providers and investment managers.

Alexander G. Assaley III AIF® - AFS 401(k) Retirement Services
Jennifer DeLong - AllianceBernstein
Amy Glynn - Global Retirement Partners Advisor Alliance
Peggy Santhouse - john Hancock Retirement Services
Courtenay V. Shiplay AIF®, CRPS® CPFA®, CHSA® - Chief Planologist - Retirement Planology, Inc

How to Provide User Feedback

The Council welcomes constructive user feedback to help enhance the effectiveness of this protocol and the Advisor Search RFP Template at our periodic reviews.

Submit suggestions to:
Eric Henon
Executive Director
Retirement Advisor Council
c/o EACH Enterprise, LLC
6A Pasco Drive
East Windsor CT 06088
(860) 254-5046



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