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LHD Retirement

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LHD Retirement is a team of retirement plan specialists with a wealth management component. They deal with all ranges of clients, and specialize in employee education. Their team focuses on financial wellness and tailored engagement strategies to drive retirement readiness within participant populations. The practice has 12 employees.

The team prefers to work with plan sponsors who are engaged and seeking to improve their plans, whereas plan/client size is not a significant determinant of a successful client relationship. LHD fits well with large plans or a small plans that need more hands-on advice. The ability to adapt is one of their key strengths.

In addition, John is personally engaged in the Retirement Plan Group giving time and vast knowledge and know-how. He’s spoken at many conferences and believes in donating time to various parts of the industry to help others along and by proxy, to help more participants achieve retirement readiness

(317) 705-2033
Indianapolis, IN

Client plans - 102
Participants – approx 12,200



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