Alicia Klingensmith

Financial Advisor
D’Aiutolo Institutional Consulting Team (UBS)

Malcolm Alicia lgAs a financial advisor with the D’Aiutolo Institutional Consulting Team (UBS), Alicia Klingensmith focuses on working with individuals in retirement plans as they get closer to transitioning into retirement. Ms. Klingensmith began her career in the financial services industry in 2010. She is committed to helping her clients achieve and sustain their financial and life goals. The basis of Ms. Klingensmith's practice begins with a comprehensive financial plan that allows her to gain a complete understanding of each client's current financial situation and their future goals. By understanding each client's unique situation, she can then utilize the full breadth of resources, research and ideas that UBS has to offer along with proactive client service in order to navigate each client in the right direction to achieve success. For her efforts, Ms. Klingensmith was named to the National Association of Plan Advisors’ list of “Top Women Advisors of 2016”.
Rochester, NY
Client Plans: 120
Participants: 20,000