Alan Spierer

UBS Institutional Consulting Group

AlanSpierer01Alan Spierer and his UBS Institutional Consulting team have pioneered innovative strategies uniquely designed to support trusted advisors to the C Suite. The team creates value for client plans by providing a synergistic partnership with ERISA attorneys, 401(k) auditing firms, financial advisors, and investment bankers. Benefits include plan advocacy, improved plan governance, fiduciary best practices, activity-based financial wellness programs, and a greater focus on retirement readiness. Alan’s history in the industry spans 27 years, including over 20 years at UBS. He and his team specialize in retirement consulting to corporate, non-profit and public retirement plans across industries and providers. Alan leads the Retirement Advisor Council’s NAPA relationship committee. He is a member of NAPA, serving on the government affairs committee, and has been recognized in Corporate Cash Flow, and On Wall Street magazines.
Westfield, NJ
Client Plans: 70
Participants: 5,000



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