Jason Chepenik

Chepenik Financial

Jason Chepenik lgFounded in 1973, Chepenik Financial is a longstanding family business that has served as a thought-leader and outspoken advocate for the retirement industry. With passion, creativity, and a deep knowledge of inner-workings of 401(k) plans—from data flow to plan economics—Chepenik Financial thrives on challenging the system, challenging plan sponsor committees and challenging participants to better prepare for retirement. In 2008, Mr. Chepenik testified before the ERISA Advisory Council to the DOL on the spend-down issues of corporate retirement plans. In 2010, Mr. Chepenik was named ”Top Advisor for Mid-Market – Defined Contribution Plans” by 401kWire. In 2012, he was named a “Top 50 Advisor for Retirement Plans” and “Top 10 Advisor for Large Plans.”

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Orlando, FL
Client Plans: 78
Participants: 40,000