Financial Literacy Committee

Chair: Wendy Daniels - Transamerica
Vice Chair: Mark Ratay - Morgan Stanley
Secretary: Tom Grogan - TIAA

Staff: MKay Leydon - EACH Enterprise

Mission: To enhance the financial literacy of future workers so labor force entrants are better equipped to make retirement plan decisions that lead to successful retirement outcomes

Financial Wellness Award Recipients

January 2020
Dawn Food Products
Pankow Builders

June 2019
Oregon Public Employees Retirement System

January 2019
Vermeer Corporation


Alexander G. Assaley, III AIF® - AFS 401(k) Retirement Services, LLC
Jessica Ballin AIF®, C(k)P® - 401(k) Professionals
Deana A. Calvelli AIF®, CEBS - Lockton Retirement
Robert Clark AIF® - Marsh McLennan Agency New England
Wendy Daniels - Transamerica
William Dougherty - Hartford Funds
Carmela L. Elco - Blue Prairie Group
Taylor Garlesky - Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Harris M. Gignilliat CIMA®, CRPS® - The Wile Consulting Group
Jamie Greenleaf AIF®, CBFA, C(k)P®, CHSA - Cafaro Greenleaf
Tom Grogan - TIAA
Thomas E. Hoffman CRPS, AIF®, CFS - KAF Financial Advisors, LLC
Charmaine Hughes-Lee - Transamerica
Robert Jennings AIF® - Amegy Investments Retirement Plan Services
Michael M. Kane CLU, ChFC, AIFA, CBFA - Plan Sponsor Consultants
Sarah Keibler AIF® - Alliant Retirement Consulting
Kathleen A. Kelly CRPS®, AIF® - Compass Financial Partners, LLC
Jason A. Key CFP®, CMFC - Lincoln Financial Group
Alicia Klingensmith CRPC® - The d'Aiutolo Institutional Consulting Group at UBS
Russell M. LaGreca CFP®, CIMA®, CRPS® - The J.K. Meek Group at Morgan Stanley Graystone Consulting
Robert Massa ChFC, CEBS, AIF, CBC - Qualified Plan Advisors
Emily Gaul Minnich CFP, CPFA - Gaertner Investment Consulting Group
James Modelski CFS - DiMeo Schneider & Associates
Jim O'Shaughnessy AIF®, PRP® - Sheridan Road Financial
Sean D. Patton AIF® - Westminster Consulting
Brad J. Pinter CRPS, AIF, ChFC, CBFA - Stonebridge Financial Group
Mark Ratay - The Ratay Group at Morgan Stanley
Martha Spano CRPS - UBS Financial Services
David Stofer ChFC, CLU, AIF® - Mariner Retirement Advisors
Erik K. Tappin CRPS® - Morgan Stanley
Michael A. Webb CEBS - Cammack Retirement
Steve Wylam CFP® AIF® , CPFA - Shepherd Financial
Karen Y. Yasukawa CIMA® - The Kikawa Group at Raymond James

Former Officers

Charmaine Hughes - Transamerica (2019-2020)
Carmela Elco - Blue Prairie (2019-2020)
Tom Hoffman - KAF Group (2014-2019)
Jason Chepenik - Chepenik Financial (2009-2014)



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