October 20, 2021: Get Ready! GoPs Are Coming

Get Ready! GoPs Are Coming

Get Ready!  GoPs Are Coming

Presented by: Pentegra

Date and Time: October 20, 2021 3-4 PM EST


Rich Rausser

SVP – Thought Leadership Practice Management

Session Description:

The SECURE Act created the concept of a Group of Plans, or GoP, a group of unrelated defined contribution plans sharing several characteristics. What do you need to know about this close relative to PEPs and MEPs?  The DOL recently proposed revisions to the Annual Information Return/Reports.  These rules, when finalized, will impact GoPs, as well as MEPs, and PEPs, and more.  This session will provide you with what you need to know about GoPs, including how they work, where they are likely to work well, and where other retirement plan solutions may be a better fit.  Join in on a comparative discussion on GoPs, MEPs and PEPs.

To register for this session please contact kconnole@retirementadvisor.com for an invitation