Peggy Santhouse

Vice President, Retirement Plans National Consultant Relations
John Hancock Retirement

Assaley Alex Large

I offer significant experience in business development and relationship management, primarily in the retirement plan industry, with a proven history and well-established network of key contacts at major distributors, retirement plan provider platforms and asset management firms




Yaqub Ahmed (2019-2022)
Jason A. Key CFP®, AIF® (2019-2022)
Bo Agan AIF®, PPC®, CRPS®, CRPC® (2021-2021)
Troy L. Redstone (2018-2021)
Sharon L. Schmid (2018-2021)
Eric Garofalo (2018-2019)
Jeffrey Hemker, CLU®, ChFC®, AIFA®, CBFA™ (2016-2019)
Michael M. Kane (2017-2019)
Melissa Cowan, Morgan Stanley (2015-2018)
Chad Larsen, AIF®, PRP®, MRP (2015-2018)
Steve Smith, AIG Retirement Services (2015-2018)
Adrian D. Hodge (2013-2015)
Paul Mahan, AIF® (2013-2015)
James D. Robison, AIF® (2013-2015) and (2020-2021)
Gene R. Huxhold CFP®, AIF® (2012-2014)
Jim O’Shaughnessy AIF®, PRP® (Founding - 2011-2014)
Timothy J. Black (Founding - 2011-2013)
Stephen Davis (Founding - 2011-2013)
Patrick J. Rieck, CRPS®, QPA, QKA, QPFC, AIF® (Founding - 2011-2013)
Matthew D. Gannon (Founding - 2011-2012)
Barbara J. Delaney, AIF®, PRP®
Ryan Mullen, CIMA®



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