Alexander G. Assaley III

AFS 401(k) Retirement Services

Assaley Alex Large

AFS 401(k) Retirement Service focuses on providing value to their clients through a g, forward thinking strategic and unique approach to fiduciary oversight, plan design, and employee advice. The firm works most effectively with mid and large-sized companies such as professional services firms, non-profit organizations, trade associations, and manufacturing firms.

Alexander Assaley is Managing Principal of the firm and believes that success comes through developing strategy and collaborating with others to execute goals.
Bethesda, MD
Client Plans: 74
Participants: 15,000





Yaqub Ahmed (2019-2022)
Jason A. Key CFP®, AIF® (2019-2022)
Bo Agan AIF®, PPC®, CRPS®, CRPC® (2021-2021)
Troy L. Redstone (2018-2021)
Sharon L. Schmid (2018-2021)
Eric Garofalo (2018-2019)
Jeffrey Hemker, CLU®, ChFC®, AIFA®, CBFA™ (2016-2019)
Michael M. Kane (2017-2019)
Melissa Cowan, Morgan Stanley (2015-2018)
Chad Larsen, AIF®, PRP®, MRP (2015-2018)
Steve Smith, AIG Retirement Services (2015-2018)
Adrian D. Hodge (2013-2015)
Paul Mahan, AIF® (2013-2015)
James D. Robison, AIF® (2013-2015) and (2020-2021)
Gene R. Huxhold CFP®, AIF® (2012-2014)
Jim O’Shaughnessy AIF®, PRP® (Founding - 2011-2014)
Timothy J. Black (Founding - 2011-2013)
Stephen Davis (Founding - 2011-2013)
Patrick J. Rieck, CRPS®, QPA, QKA, QPFC, AIF® (Founding - 2011-2013)
Matthew D. Gannon (Founding - 2011-2012)
Barbara J. Delaney, AIF®, PRP®
Ryan Mullen, CIMA®



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