Courtenay V. Shipley

Chief Planologist,
Retirement Planology, Inc.

shipley c lg

Ms. Shipley is the president and Chief Planologist of Retirement Planology, a retirement plan advisory firm in Alexandria, VA. The firm provides support and advice for retirement plan sponsors in the areas of plan design, vendor searches, investment lineups, participant education, financial wellness, regulatory advice, and overall fiduciary support.

Ms. Shipley has 19 years in the retirement plans business and is passionate about helping American workers to be able to retire with dignity. She is also dedicated to improving financial literacy, and has volunteered as a financial literacy instructor for low-income families. She has spoken at various conferences, written articles for NAPA Net, and been named to the Financial Times Top 401 Retirement Advisors, and been named a Young Gun and Top Woman Advisor by the National Association of Plan Advisors.
Retirement Plans: 39
Participants: 3,800



Yaqub Ahmed (2019-2022)
Jason A. Key CFP®, AIF® (2019-2022)
Bo Agan AIF®, PPC®, CRPS®, CRPC® (2021-2021)
Troy L. Redstone (2018-2021)
Sharon L. Schmid (2018-2021)
Eric Garofalo (2018-2019)
Jeffrey Hemker, CLU®, ChFC®, AIFA®, CBFA™ (2016-2019)
Michael M. Kane (2017-2019)
Melissa Cowan, Morgan Stanley (2015-2018)
Chad Larsen, AIF®, PRP®, MRP (2015-2018)
Steve Smith, AIG Retirement Services (2015-2018)
Adrian D. Hodge (2013-2015)
Paul Mahan, AIF® (2013-2015)
James D. Robison, AIF® (2013-2015) and (2020-2021)
Gene R. Huxhold CFP®, AIF® (2012-2014)
Jim O’Shaughnessy AIF®, PRP® (Founding - 2011-2014)
Timothy J. Black (Founding - 2011-2013)
Stephen Davis (Founding - 2011-2013)
Patrick J. Rieck, CRPS®, QPA, QKA, QPFC, AIF® (Founding - 2011-2013)
Matthew D. Gannon (Founding - 2011-2012)
Barbara J. Delaney, AIF®, PRP®
Ryan Mullen, CIMA®



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