2009 Semi-Annual Meeting

Practical Initiatives to Support the Advisor Channel


September 23, 2009

Hyatt Regency - Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL

10:00 AM                     Opening, introductions, recap and objectives

                                     Action plan updates and discussion

                                     Initiatives considered for implementation

                                           Advice legislation and utilization – retirement readiness

                                           John Hancock Funds

                                           Gene R. Huxhold

                                           Senior Managing Director

                                           Groom Law Group

                                           Stephen M. Saxon, J.D.


                                           Enhanced advisor competency

                                           Columbia Management – Mark Dence

                                           Director, Investment-Only Division

                                           Selecting target-date funds

                                           JP Morgan Asset Management

                                           Glenn A. Dial

                                           Vice President

                                           Fee disclosure to participants

                                           MFS Investment Management

                                           Ryan Mullen

                                           Senior Managing Director, National Sales

11:15 AM                     Other goals, objectives and initiatives

11:30 AM                     Council structure and direction

-    Mission, purpose

-    Leadership committee

-    Frequency of meetings

-    Location of meetings

-    Format of meetings

-    Subcommittees

-    Invitation list

12:00 PM                     Adjourn





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